Minnesota finished the year with 536 members which is a 61% increase over the previous year (2015 = 333 MN members). As a whole, USA Powerlifting had 15,026 members (with members in all 50 states). In 2008, MN had 58 members and USA Powerlifting had a total of 3,897 members. Minnesota is one of the most rapidly growing states (and the 11th largest in terms of members) and that is thanks to our lifters, referees, meet directors, coaches, spotters, loaders, scoring table staff and the support staff behind the scenes. Look for the following in MN in 2017: at least 12 state/local meets, the Central Regional Championship, and one or two USA Powerlifting coaching certification courses. Look for the full state chair report (review of 2016 and preview of 2017) sometime later this month.