Formulas and Coefficients

Use of coefficients

At some USA Powerlifting contests, “formulas” or “coefficients” may be used to compare performances (for the purpose of placing/awards) across weight, sex, and/or age.

Coefficients based on bodyweight and sex are called Wilks coefficients/numbers

- Female Wilks coefficients (pounds)

- Female Wilks coefficients (kilograms)

- Male Wilks coefficients (pounds)

- Male Wilks coefficients (kilograms)

Coefficients based on age also exist 

Foster coefficients (ages 14-23)

McCulloch coefficients (ages 40 and older)

How the coefficients are used:

1. The appropriate coefficient is selected for each lifter

2. More than one coefficient could be used (e.g., age and bodyweight coefficients)

3. The lifters’ totals (powerlifting or single-lift) are determined based on the heaviest weight(s) lifted

4. The respective coefficients are multiplied by the respective totals

5. The resulting scores in a division are ranked ordered

6. The highest score earns first place, the second highest score earns second place, etc.

Examples showing how the coefficients are used

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