All competitors must be current USAPL members to enter a contest

- standard adult membership is valid for the calendar year and costs:

- $45 if purchased online

~ click here to purchase a new membership

~ click here to renew a previous membership

- $50 if purchased with cash or check at meet (credit cards not accepted at MN meets)

- proof of membership required at meet; any of the following is acceptable:

- printed membership card (preferred)

- membership card on smartphone (preferred)

- receipt from in-person membership purchase at USAPL event

- PayPal receipt (printed from computer) from online purchase

- PayPal receipt (on smartphone) from online purchase

*Note: if proof of membership can not be provided, a new membership must be purchased

Can Canadian lifters compete in USA Powerlifting events?

Yes, current members in good standing with the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) are allowed to lift in USA Powerlifting meets (these lifters do not need a USA Powerlifting membership). Canadian lifters who want to compete in Minnesota USA Powerlifting events must send the Minnesota state chair a copy of his or her CPU membership card (indicating he or she is a current member). This copy can be sent in hard copy form or electronically. After that, the presidents of the Canadian Powerlifting Union and USA Powerlifting must give permission (this can be taken care of by the Minnesota state chair). All of the above are International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) requirements when lifters compete outside of their home country/federation.

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