Halfway through 2016

We have 4 meets coming up in MN in July, August, September, and October (these are the 4 remaining meets on the current 2016 calendar). As of right now, ALL are filled and the meet directors have started waiting lists. If you want to get on a waiting list, contact the meet director. There may be another meet added in the Twin Cities area on December 10 (more details when this gets finalized). Information about upcoming meets can be found in the Coming Events section.

Our explosive and unprecedented growth in MN continues which is great. In 2015, we had a total of 333 members in MN. In the first half of 2016, we have already surpassed that number and we will likely finish the year between 400-500 members. Thank you to everyone (lifters, meet staff, meet directors, referees, and everyone else involved) for the support and hard work that goes into making MN USA Powerlifting such a special group to be a part of.

American Records at Local Meets

At the 2016 National Governing Board (NGB) meeting on May 19 in Aurora, CO, it was voted to no longer allow American records to be set at local meets. This new rule states that American records can only be set at meets designated as state powerlifting championships. American records can still be set at regional, national, and international meets. The exact date of the implementation of this rule is currently being decided and more information will be posted here when it is available.

Olympic Recognition: What is it and did we get it today?

***Edited on April 20***

This story is making the rounds on social media today.

First and foremost, powerlifting likely will not be in the Olympics anytime soon. To be “in the Olympics” means a sport must go through a two-step process. The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) has been working on the first step for many years and has been denied every time (though it appears to get closer each time). That first step is to become an IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognized sport. The second (and MUCH more difficult) step is to apply for inclusion in the Olympic program (i.e., what you see when you watch the Olympics) which is limited to a very small number of sports, many of which are firmly entrenched in the Olympic program. Typically, a sport has to be dropped for another to be added. However, it still would be a great success if the IPF (and by extension USA Powerlifting as the IPF affiliate in the U.S.) simply achieved the first step as it would open up new sources of funding for the sport.

What happened today is that the Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport (AIMS) received recognition by the IOC. The AIMS represents many non-Olympic recognized sports. So, powerlifting did not become an IOC-recognized sport today but progress has been in the process toward IOC recognition. The official announcement from the IPF can be found here.

For those who are interested, this article (10 years old but still accurate) does a good job explaining the process of Olympic recognition and inclusion in the Olympic program.

Inaugural Women of Steel Summer Showdown

I am pleased to announce that the inaugural Women of Steel Summer Showdown (USA Powerlifting sanction: MN-2016-05) will occur on July 16 at American Strength in Maplewood. This meet is only open to women and will be capped at 40 lifters. Ray Law will direct this exciting new event. I would like to thank Ken Graack for his hospitality in letting us once again use American Strength as the venue for a USA Powerlifting event. Ken and his staff always go above and beyond as event hosts. The entry form for this event will be released here in mid-April. The Facebook event page can be found here.

Southeast RAW Showdown: Entry Form Now Available

The entry form for the inaugural USA Powerlifting Southeast RAW Showdown has been posted. The event will be held on April 23 in Rochester, MN. A Facebook event page has also been created. Thank you to Kyle Milnes for creating this new USA Powerlifting event in Minnesota. This event will be limited to the first 60 entries received so if you are interested in competing in this meet, please submit your entry form as soon as possible.

Rochester Meet Confirmed; Two Other Meets Added

I am pleased to announce that Kyle Milnes will direct the inaugural Southeast RAW Showdown in Rochester, MN on April 23, 2016. As soon as the entry form is available, it will be posted here. Please spread the word about this meet since it is only 10 weeks away. Two other meets have also officially been approved and sanctioned. The 8th annual Twin Ports Raw Open is scheduled for June 11 in Duluth and the 2nd annual Noonan Barbell Raw Open occurs on October 22 in Alexandria, MN. Please see the Coming Events section for a list of all USA Powerlifting meets in Minnesota.

Potential April Meet in Rochester: Input Needed

Please see the message sent to all current USA Powerlifting members and those who were members in 2015 in the following states: MN, WI, SD, ND, IA, IL. If you are interested, please respond no later than Sunday, February 7. Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested. The message can be read by clicking here.

MN Lifters and Referees Travel to WI

This past weekend, 9 lifters from MN traveled to Greenfield, WI (Milwaukee area) to compete in the USA Powerlifting Wisconsin State Open which had over 200 lifters from 7 states (WI, MN, IL, IN, MI, OH, NY) competing on 4 platforms. The lifters from MN were: Scott Sullivan, Nick Gagnon, Eric Lohman, Justin Grensing, David Dellanave, Nick Viegut, Garrison Gless, Kyle Kampschroer, and Harrison Speltz. All competed in the men’s raw open division. Notable performances include Scott Sullivan’s 470 Wilks score which earned him first place (out of 46 lifters) and Nick Gagnon’s 453 Wilks score which was strong enough to earn third place. When the field is 46 lifters deep, gold and bronze medal performances are about as good as it gets. For those unfamiliar with the Wilks score, it is simply a method by which to compare performances of lifters of different bodyweights. For more information about the Wilks score, see the “Formulas and Coefficients” section on the MN USA Powerlifting website. Please see the WI State Open meet results for details of everyone’s performance. Congratulations to all who competed.


On the other end of the state, three MN referees (Angela Simons, Wade Kish, and Joe Warpeha) spent the day in Osceola, WI judging at a WI High School Powerlifting Association (WHSPA) Region 1 meet. This high school meet had over 200 lifters competing on 5 platforms. Anyone who has never been to a WI high school meet before should see one. The performances, sportsmanship, and atmosphere at these high school events are unlike anything else in our sport and it is truly inspiring to watch these boys and girls compete. Imagine a high school gymnasium full to capacity with lifters and spectators from several different high schools in the region (all wearing their school colors) and you can start to get an idea of what a high school powerlifting meet is like in Wisconsin. Equally impressive is the machine-like precision with which these events are run from the setup, to the competition itself, to the breakdown. None of it is possible without an army of dedicated people.

Passing of Joel Ford

It is my sad duty to inform the Minnesota powerlifting community of the passing of Joel Ford. Joel was a longtime member of USA Powerlifting of Minnesota and a regular competitor and coach at our contests. While Joel is credited with numerous state records, I believe his lasting legacy will be the joy and sense of camaraderie he brought to those of us who were fortunate enough to know him. Joel will be missed by his many friends and powerlifting family. Visitation and funeral information can be found by clicking here.

USA Powerlifting Coaching Course Coming to MN

USA Powerlifting of Minnesota is pleased to announce that MN will be hosting its first-ever USA Powerlifting coaching course on April 16. Information can be found on the Coaching Course page.

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