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Setting American records

The following conditions must be met to claim an American record and to have it officially recognized::

1. The current American record must be exceeded by at least 0.5 kg

2. Three national or international referees must judge the record attempt

    • it is the lifter’s responsibility to make sure 3 national or international referees will be in attendance at the meet in which an American record will be attempted (the lifter should ask the meet director prior to the event if there is a question)
    • it is the lifter’s responsibility to make sure the scoring table has been made aware of the American record attempt prior to the attempt to ensure the correct referees will be judging the record attempt

3. The American record application must be completed with all required signatures, information, and proof of age (e.g., copy of drivers license) in the case of age group records

    • it is the lifter’s responsibility to obtain the record form at the meet from the meet director or state chair and to submit the completed form to the meet director or state chair before leaving the meet
    • it is the lifter’s responsibility to check with the meet director or state chair to determine if the lifter has been selected for drug testing (this must be done before leaving the meet venue)

4. The completed record application (and supporting documentation) is mailed to the National Office by the meet director.

Important Change to the Setting of American Records (as of September 1, 2016)

At the 2016 National Governing Board (NGB) meeting on May 19 in Aurora, CO, it was voted to no longer allow American records to be set at local meets. This new rule states that American records can only be set at meets designated as state powerlifting championships. American records can still be set at regional, national, and international meets. This new policy goes into effect September 1, 2016.

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