Technical Rules:
Interested in Becoming a USA Powerlifting Referee?
Roster of Active Minnesota USA Powerlifting Referees:
  • Monica Augustine (State)
  • Caycee Bregel (State)
  • Jim Cahill (State)
  • Cheryl Edelstein (State)
  • Charlie Fernow (State)
  • Nick Gagnon (State)
  • Roger Gehrt (State)
  • Brad Gillingham (State)
  • Garrison Gless (State)
  • Mariah Hamm (State)
  • Steve Harstad (State)
  • Steve Johnson (National)
  • Alice Kirchhoff (State)
  • Wade Kish (National)
  • Ray Law (National)
  • Eric Lohman (State)
  • Brad Madvig (State)
  • Rebecca Main (IPF Category 2)
  • Tabitha Miller (State)
  • Kyle Milnes (State)
  • Nate Nord (State)
  • Bob Sainati (National)
  • Alexa Schillinger (State)
  • Angela Simons (IPF Category 2)
  • Joslyn Solomon (State)
  • Traci Slane (State)
  • Nick Tylutki (State)
  • James Vang (State)
  • Joe Warpeha (IPF Category 1)
  • Rachel Warpeha (State)
  • Anna White (National)
  • Wilson Yu (State)

Meet directors please contact the state chair for referee contact information.

Note: Referees must have a current USA Powerlifting membership in order to judge at a meet.




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