2017 Twin Cities Open – Please Read

This year’s Twin Cities Open (TCO) will be held on April 22 at American Strength in Maplewood. 

The following is from Jim Cahill (TCO meet director): “As some of you may know, Brad Madvig has been dealing with serious medical issues since he was diagnosed with an extremely rare benign brain tumor in September of 2015. Since then, he has been battling hydrocephalus (retention of water and cerebrospinal fluid in brain), increased intercranial pressure, abnormal clusters of blood vessels in the brain (fistulas) and severely diminished vision to the point that he has not driven a car or worked since last September. He has exhausted all of his short term disability benefits last December and is in the process of applying for long term disability benefits. Since last September, he has undergone 6 surgeries, and the most recent surgery on February 7th resulted in a 5 week hospital stay at the University of Minnesota Hospital where he lost his ability to speak. Just yesterday, he was discharged so that he can receive the physical, occupational, and speech therapy that he needs in order to get back on track. All proceeds from the meet minus drug testing costs and the sanction fee will go towards Brad’s expenses. Brad has been an instrumental figure on the Minnesota powerlifting scene going back to the late 1990s. This meet will give everyone an opportunity to compete, have fun, and help out someone who has given so much to the sport here in Minnesota!”

To register, click here.

MN State Chair Election

Every three years, each state is required to have an election for state chair. This year is an election year in Minnesota. Each member in the state will receive an email from the National Office with instructions on how to vote. If you would like to nominate someone for this position (self-nominations are also accepted), please send the person’s name to the National Office at this email: nationaloffice@usapowerlifting.com

The current state chair (Joe Warpeha) is running for re-election and his statement and bio can be found here.

Coaching Course Returns to MN in 2017

The USA Powerlifting coaching certification course is returning to MN on April 29 and will be hosted by Next Level Fitness in Farmington. Last year’s course filled quickly so get signed up if you are interested. The details can be found here

Happy New Year

Minnesota finished the year with 536 members which is a 61% increase over the previous year (2015 = 333 MN members). As a whole, USA Powerlifting had 15,026 members (with members in all 50 states). In 2008, MN had 58 members and USA Powerlifting had a total of 3,897 members. Minnesota is one of the most rapidly growing states (and the 11th largest in terms of members) and that is thanks to our lifters, referees, meet directors, coaches, spotters, loaders, scoring table staff and the support staff behind the scenes. Look for the following in MN in 2017: at least 12 state/local meets, the Central Regional Championship, and one or two USA Powerlifting coaching certification courses. Look for the full state chair report (review of 2016 and preview of 2017) sometime later this month.

2017 MN Calendar of Events Taking Shape

Check out the Coming Events section of the state website to see what events have already been scheduled for 2017. More events will be added as they officially receive approval.

MN to Host 2017 Central Regional Championship

Minnesota will host the 2017 USA Powerlifting Central Regional Championship on September 2 & 3. Joe Warpeha will be the meet director and the venue for the contest will be the Crowne Plaza AiRE in Bloomington (just south of Minneapolis). A block of rooms has been secured for a nightly rate of $99.

The central region is made up of the following states: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Labor Day weekend was chosen so people in the region can come and experience The Great Minnesota Get-Together (our state fair) and make a vacation out of the long weekend. The MN State Fair is the largest state fair in the United States by average daily attendance and it is also the second-largest state fair in the United States by total attendance.

The venue is located 4 miles from the airport and provides a free shuttle to and from the airport. The venue is also right on the Light Rail line which travels to the Mall of America (less than 5-minute trip) and downtown Minneapolis. More information will be available on the event website as it becomes available.

Inaugural MN Women’s State Championship

The sanction has been approved. The hotel contract has been signed. The inaugural MN Women’s State Championship is officially on the schedule and the meet directors are Anna White and Joe Warpeha. More information will be coming soon. For now, the basic information can be found here.

MN at Raw Nationals

Congratulations to all of the Minnesota lifters who traveled to Atlanta, GA to compete in the largest powerlifting meet in U.S. history. A total of 1063 lifters from 48 states participated in this historic event. Full meet results can be found by clicking here. A list of Minnesota state records set at Raw Nationals can be found by clicking here. Again, congratulations to everyone.

American Records at State/Local Meets

At the 2016 National Governing Board (NGB) meeting on May 19 in Aurora, CO, it was voted to no longer allow American records to be set at local meets. This new rule states that American records can only be set at meets designated as state powerlifting championships. American records can still be set at regional, national, and international meets. This new policy went into effect September 1, 2016. 

Referee Congratulations and Welcomes

Some congratulations and welcomes are in order for our MN referee group. Congratulations to Wilson Yu who successfully passed his state referee exam at the recent Women of Steel meet. Congratulations also go to Rebecca Main for her promotion to the rank of IPF Category 2 referee which was earned at IPF Raw Worlds in June. Additionally, there are two new names on the roster of MN referees. Alexa Schillinger and Mariah Hamm have joined us here in MN. Both Alexa and Mariah come to us from Wisconsin. The current roster of MN referees (which hopefully continues to grow) can be viewed here.

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